Culinary Guided Tours of Tunisia

Salim’s Native Country and the Mediterranean South of Sicily

At this point, All tours are postponed to a later date, until the political situation stabilizes

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This trip is designed for 4-6 people, providing an intimate experience of the genuine, authentic heritage of Moorish and Turkish influences in Tunisia. Its main purpose is to introduce food lovers to a truly unique Tunisian cuisine, created over centuries from a diverse ethnic culture composed of many influences including French, Italian, Berbere, Moorish and Turkish.

Cafe Collage Chef/Owners Salim Ben-Mami and Anne Macfarlane will guide you for 10 days through the rich heritage of Tunisia. We will touch the essence of the culture by visiting local markets, simple eateries, and elegant restaurants. We will be entering the history of Tunisia through visiting museums, archeological sites, mosques and Arab towns. The result of this journey is to create a complete understanding of the Tunisian culture paired with today’s traditional gastronomy.

Our home base will be Sidi Bou Said, the charming hillside village, east of Carthage, overlooking the Gulf of Tunis. the canvas of Sidi Bou Said is entirely composed of whitewashed buildings with blue trim. As you walk up the cobblestone street to the top of the hill, you will find yourself drawn to an exotic atmosphere where, suddenly time stands still. People sit at the local cafes and enjoy the sweet green tea with pine nuts, reflecting on the local architecture and the Mediterranean sea.